Monday, December 10, 2012

Children and Divorce Film review

Unfortunately, 50 % of all marriages end in Divorce in the U.S.

So what does that mean to the children? As a parent who has been divorced, I know that it is a hard road, not just as a Parent , but it truly affected my children as well. Although my children are older, my step-children are still fairly young and even though it's been many years, they still ask questions.

Divorce can leave Children with unanswered questions and sometimes feeling as if they are the reason. Does that mean as Parents we should stay in a marriage for the children? Not at all, but by watching this film, you can understand how your children may be feeling and how you can help them to understand and feel loved throughout the divorce process.

The children and divorce film by Professor Child is a great documentary in which children from all walks of life talk about how they feel with divorce and the questions they have.

Watching the Children and Divorce film, brought back memories for me. I often wondered if my children felt like they caused the divorce or if they thought their siblings caused the divorce, what questions could I have answered to help them through this.

I guess until watching this film, I never thought to wonder if my Children felt like they had lost part of a family. One thing I always remembered was to never say bad things about their dad, and I have carried that through with my step kids as well because that is very important. I ask my step kids how they felt, even though it's been years, and they are still young and I was surprised by the answers. Our situation is a little atypical because my step children do not have much contact with their mother. They did tell me after they watched this film that at one point they thought it was my fault. That is a common thought when many parents remarry. Children need to understand exactly what is going to happen and be on a schedule and need both parents to continue to be in their lives and show them love and support.

My children say that it is hard for them living back and forth in two different towns, they sometimes feel they have to choose between their parents and their friends.

After we watched the film, I ask my kids to all go through the worksheet with me, My children were a bit older so I'm not sure how much they got out of the film, but my step-children seemed to really have a lot of questions and I was finally able to answer them. They now understand that sometimes with adults, things just do not work out and that they are not responsible for a divorce. I found that they had very ill feelings toward their Mother, and I hope I was able to, with the help of this film, alleviate some of their questions that have been unanswered for so long.

After watching the film, it seemed like my step-kids felt some relief from having seen other kids asking questions that they had themselves, it helped them to realize they are not alone in how they feel and that children go through this everyday.

This film taught all of our children that they never had to feel like they had to choose sides and that the questions they have are important and we are here to answer them the best that we can.

It is important for us, as parents, to not put our children in the middle or make them a messenger in our issues with the other parents.

If you are going through a divorce, I highly recommend watching this film with your kids so you can answer their questions, and help them to understand what is happening without having them feel they are left with unanswered questions.

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  1. I think may people should maybe watch this as they don't really realize the effect divorce can have on the children that is also involved. thank you so much for the info