Friday, November 9, 2012

Gratitude Gift Bags Review & Giveaway

Do you ever stop and think about how much you are spending on gift bags each year that most times end up in a landfills?

Gratitude Gift bags has taken care of that problem is a cute and stylish way.

I love my Gratitude Gift Bags , they are a gift bag that truly keeps on giving. You can use these over and over or hang on to them for keepsakes.

Have a Birthday or Wedding gift you want to make special? Why not purchase a Gratitude Gift bag so they not only have a gift but a beautiful gift bag that they can hold on to forever.

Gratitude Gift bags come in 5 sizes including Wine Bottle size and Gift Card Holder size. They have them  in many colors and styles for all occasions.

Gratitude gift bags are very affordable, ranging in the same price range as a plain old paper gift bag, yet the benefits are exceedingly more than paper gift bags.

They have Holiday prints that are simply stunning and i personally cannot wait to get more so that I can make my gifts looks amazing this Christmas.

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags for Wine Bottle Gifts

Another "wow" factor for me is that with Gratitude Gift Bags, I no longer have the  need for  scissors, tape and all the mess that goes a long with wrapping gifts.

You can see all the wonderful patterns and styles HERE

        Gratitude Gift Bags are made from high quality and resilient textiles and come in cotton and rayon/taffeta fabrics.
  • Gratitude Gift Bags were recently featured at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

  • Gratitude Gift Bags are proudly assembled in the USA.

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    One Lucky reader will win a Holiday Gratitude Gift Bag for themselves

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    1. Red Swirls or Festival of Lights

    2. Red Swirls or Festival of Lights

    3. I can't get their site to go beyond the home page, but I love the silver one you have pictured with the black diamonds.


    4. Nice gift bags collection. I like this design very much.